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Products & Services

By signing up and becoming a member of Al Mubeen you will receive a free membership card that will give you access to discounted holiday packages discounts at selected restaurants and special discounts at shah Khalid transport and shah Khalid projects ..all your transport needs as well as discounts on all home maintenance ,electric and razor fencing pressure cleaning and much more

For a nominal fee of R130.00 a month you receive the following:

Link – Linking Your Cell Phone to The Muslim World


Your Al Mubeen membership card allows you access to an extensive array of affiliated partners where you can enjoy the best rates on a variety of restaurants goods and discounted holidays and services. Upfront discounts and special offers are Al Mubeen member specific. Our extensive list of participating retailers and service providers will be continually updated so be sure to visit our website regularly.

Part of our responsibility in life is to give, to see how we as Muslims can assist in uplifting our community.

All praise and gratitude is due to Allah alone and it is only with His mercy and blessings that we at al mubeen are able to achieve on our shared goals of contributing to the upliftment of the Muslim community by the following:


You become a helping hand for the poor and needy. The monthly fee goes towards feeding schemes, and more.


Gaining the pleasure of ALLAH SWT and HIS Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wa sallam